Tuesday, July 31, 2007


As you all know weekend always starts on Friday after work. We used this Friday to meet up in the evening and have a "stroll on the river". We got on the front deck of the CityCat and headed off. The plan was to ride all the way through to the end of the CityCat route. And so we did, we sat in front seats, laid back and enjoyed the bautiful and relaxing images as they were passing by on the shores. On the last CityCat stop most of passangers got off and we decided to continue our ride just as planned. After a while we decided to go to the back of the boat as the evening wind got colder and colder. As it turned out, we were the only passengers left on the boat and the ferry was already done for the day and was heading to its final stop for the night. The crew was as much suprised as we were once they found out about us beeing still on board. Thanks to that "overlooking" we felt for a moment that we had our own private water jet just for us. The feeling was simply amazing - the speed, the wind blowing in our hair, spectacular city skyline ahead full of living lights ..... aaach.... if only skipper had listened to us ;) Once we reached the next stop we had to get off the boat and naturally wait about 15 minutes for a next CityCat to come and take us back home. Honestly we didn't expect this series of event for the night :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buddha Birth Day Festival

During the 3 days of last weekend we had in Brisbane, South Bank Buddha Birth Day Festival. And even though it was Buddha birthday we were really nice surprised by mutli-religions of that festival. In amphitheatre, where the Buddha Birth Day festival took place,many choirs and band occured and presented religious songs from diferent religions. There were also many Buddhists’ traditions. In one of that ceremonial we took part. It was ceremonial of “carrying light”. Every person in amphitheatre got in the hand little burnning candle and with the New Year’s wish carried the candle to Buddha. At the same time, monks came to the altar and started praying. Despite of that for us it was only exploration time, the atmosphere in the amphitheatre was full of mysticism.

Outside the amphitheatre, on South Bank along the river there was plenty of stalls with suvenirs, food, there was also wishing well ,and a whirligig – and all of that in the chinese lantern lights. For the ends of the festival there were a fireworks. For the better view and seafty the firewoeks popped from the platform at the river. It was beautiful!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Alma Park Zoo

Beautiful weather encouraged us to visit one of the zoological parks.

After checking the way to get there, we found out there is a train station close to the Alma Park Zoo. But „close to” doesn’t mean the same when you are looking at the city map and in the real world. In the train we spent about an hour and finaly we got to the 6th zone which means far away from Brisbane City. The surroundings there look more like in the village.
There were browsing cows, little bit different then polish ones, much more red and with strange hum – look more like camels then cows :)

Around us there were fields, and some of them have got special built water tank.
It was nice and easy walk to the zoo.
Suddenly we saw some bildings, 2 roundabouts, streets and a fence. I don’t think I overact when I say that it looks like Seahaven town from Truman Show movie. Everything in order, clean streets, even the dogs don’t bark, and there was one more thing – there is no people around ... weird place...

Finally we saw the zoo gate. There was also nice man really surprised that we came there on foot.

It’s time to tour. Entire zoo area is park aera, there were some places to BBQ, to seat and rest with the nature by your side and also a café bar to have a quick snack or a cold drink. Everywhere between you can find animal corrals and cages with lots of animal inside.

There is a chance to go throught the corrals and feed the animals. This zoo is really small, but cozy. There are no crouds, and it’s nice place to spend the afterenoon.
We had a chance feeding: not-houngry kangaroo, alway hungry goats, and papers-bag loving deers.
First time in our lives we had a chance to see one of the living monotremes - long-beaked echidnas. We saw koalas feeding, and we had a chance to observe koala baby climbing to his mum. There were deers, who like to jump throught their corrals.
Lazy camels. Wombat who sleeps half a day, chewing lama, huge ostrich and smaller emus, donkeys, bbuffalos and plenty of koalas.

I can only regret that the Alma Park Zoo is a bit too far from our place, because I’d love to visit it more often.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sunset in St Lucia

Amazingly beautiful sunset.

There are no words to describe it, you must see it for yourself.: